Hurricane Miami Services

  • Helps saves on electricity.
  • Lowers insurance premiums.
  • Protects against hurricanes.
  • Increases your homes value and helps potential buyers choosing your home over existing inventory.
  • Provides curb appeal while lowering the noise levels inside your home. Perfect solution for living on a busy street or neighborhood.

Special Services In Miami

Hurricane Windows & Doors delivers a broad range of construction services proven by a foundation team whose collective experience is highly recognized within the industry. We believe that our capabilities are only as valuable as the quality of the relationship that inspires us. This is why we have capitalized on the opportunity of building Hurricane Windows & Doors as a streamlined organization whose culture encourages frequent as well as, face to face interaction between clients and close knit Hurricane Window Team.


Home Service

Tomorrow’s Homes Today

We can provide a variety of different options to bring your home into a more modern warm and inviting place. Full custom design and layout is available we want to be your preferred vendor of choice.

Professionl Home Clean

Clean that all need

Aren't you tired of SFL contractors leaving a mess? Well, We provide all our home owners with a free professional clean and before/after air conditioning filter change. We are the industry leader and first to provide this service. Our goal is to ensure we provide white glove service to our customers.


Expert Window/Door Knowledge

Best in industry

With so many choices of Windows/Doors our sales consultants have certification from each manufacturer. We are knowledgeable with installation process, product approvals, window & door compositions and industry knowledge to help the lay person understand the myriad of choices. We can help guide you through the process that others try to make difficult. Our showroom has each product within a side by side manner that helps us explain the choices.

Our Recent Projects In Miami

We’ve worked for several companies in different industries. We consider ourselves versatiles, because we adapt to your needs.

Top Sales Representative in Miami

Best in the field.

Jason Spiegelman

Product Specialist

My name is Jason Spiegelman. I have been a window and door product specialist for 20 years in the South Florida marketplace. In depth knowledge of proper Hurricane protection for your personal residence or business is my expertise. I have helped protect over 5,000 + homes in south florida with countless numbers of condos, hi rise buildings and commercial storefronts. New construction and retrofitted windows + doors. Please ask for me directly to book your free consultation.

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