Cardinal Low E 366 is the ultimate performance glass out in the market.  It will deliver the optimal climate control and visibility.  Furthermore, it will provide year round comfort and energy savings.  South Florida is known for its extreme heat and high UV.  Cardinal Low E 366 is a great product to help lower the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.  When temperatures soar normal glass can’t handle the heat and allows it to transmit.  Cardinal Low E 366 has been designed to help lower that heat transmission yet not affecting the visibility.  It lets more light in and helps keep more heat out.  What’s more, is that Low E 366 provides exceptional fading protection.  This product allows your curtains, furniture and carpets stay vibrant for years to come.

If saving energy and money is important to you then Low E 366 is the most up to date product to use.  It helps lower your electric bill and provide that comfort in rooms where before the heat just made it unbearable.  Low E 366 is great for elevations that have a East West exposure. Let Hurricane Windows & Doors of Florida walk you thru the process and help you decide if Low E 366 is the perfect application for your home.  Our friendly staff is very knowledgeable and here to walk you through the myriad of choices.  We want not only to protect you from storms but help you lower your electric costs and provide a room where temperatures are cool.