The 2020 Hurricane season is closely approaching.  South Florida is less than 1 week ahead. After two months of the coronavirus pandemic forcing Americans to stay indoors and face the reality of a global crisis, some emergency officials worry that people living in hurricane-prone areas could be impacted by “disaster fatigue.”

Disaster fatigue can cause homeowners to not properly prepare.  Proper preparation is critical to avoid catastrophic failure.  The 2020 has been declared to be extremely busy by NOAA.   We urge all homeowners to begin thinking of their safety.  Hurricane Windows & Doors of Florida, Inc. is committed to ensuring we provide quality products, excellent service and budget friendly pricing.  Our goal is to ensure we help provide good communication to our community.

The pandemic may cause homeowners to forget essential items that may assist homeowners should a storm be eminent. Therefore, we know it is our responsibility to help keep all informed.  Below is a list of key ingredients.  Among new items to add are : sanitizer and masks should you be forced to evacuate to a shelter.