Storms and hurricanes are frequent in Florida. And each time these come, they bring along destruction to life and property. Despite this, property owners in Florida safeguard their properties using unreliable ways like plywood, storm panels, shutters, and even duct tapes. Unfortunately, they end up losing their property. It is essential to realise how important it is for the property owners to opt for alternatives like fixed impact windows, hurricane casement windows, etc. Such windows and even doors can minimize damages caused by Hurricanes and storms.

Find out how fixed impact windows work to keep your property safe during the harshest hurricanes.

What are Fixed Impact Windows

Fixed impact windows or simply impact windows are made of a combination of heavy-duty frames and impact-resistant glass (laminated). These are combined with a unique silicone glazing process that keeps the window glass from breaking or separating from its frame. A special interlayer of polyvinyl butyral is used to bind together the two panes of impact-resistant glass.

While wind-borne debris may crack the impact glass, the interlayer keeps the overall window intact. This way, it can prevent destructive winds from entering your home. Therefore, replacing traditional windows with fixed impact windows can help to protect the envelope of your property.

Features of Hurricane Windows Florida  

Impact windows with laminated glass, hi-performance low E-selections, heat-reducing glass tints are ideal for homes in Florida. The best part of these windows is that these have less insulation. Just install a window with an Energy Star rating. And you’ll notice that your cooling costs will decrease significantly. These windows also prevent UV rays to enter your space. Thereby preventing your furniture from fading. Hurricane windows are best at resisting wind damage. Though they are far better than plywood, impact windows still need to be protected from debris. Besides impact resistance, such windows also offer the benefits of protecting furnishings, artwork, and draperies from fading. Plus, you also get reduced energy bills.

Hurricane Windows Florida –Different Styles

Impact-resistant windows come in various design styles. You can choose from a wide range including hurricane casement windows, single hung windows, horizontal rolling windows, picture and architectural windows, and designer fixed windows.

designer fixed windows

Hurricane Windows Florida – How they Keep You Safe

The high winds and heavy rains during hurricane season are a major threat to properties in Florida. But with fixed impact windows, you can minimize the damage. How?

Let’s understand.

Fixed impact windows don’t use modern technology but work on traditional physics. During hurricanes, the atmospheric pressure outside your home is higher. However, closed windows prevent this atmospheric pressure from rising inside your home. Atmospheric pressure rises with the severity of the hurricane. This, in turn, increases the difference between the outdoors and your home. This is one of the most dangerous aspects of a storm or hurricane. The debris floating in the air due to high winds can hit your windows and break them. In standard windows, the massive rush of debris due to high pressure causes them to shatter.

Prevention from Shattering

Unlike standard windows, fixed impact windows don’t shatter easily. Since these have laminated glass, these are hard to break. And even if they break, they won’t shatter easily.

Robust Framing

Apart from the glass lamination, framing of the window also contributes to the window strength. Hurricane windows Florida have weather stripping, which prevents rainwater from getting into your homes. These stripping serve as a layer of protection against wind, rain and debris. Weather stripping covers the cracks in the windows caused due to the harsh external conditions. Thereby, it helps in preventing water damage to your property during storms of all sizes.

Other Benefits of Fixed Impact Windows

These windows not just protect you from storms and hurricanes. But, hurricane windows can also:

  • Prevent intruders from getting into your home,

  • Saves you money on your energy bills due to their high insulation property.

  • Reduces outside noise so that you can enjoy peace inside.

Fixed Impact Windows Aren’t Expensive

Many consider installing fixed impact windows as an expensive investment. Yes, they are costlier than the standard windows. However, when you consider their level of protection, these are highly secure. Such windows secure everything inside your property from winds blowing at 150 miles per hour or more. Moreover, you won’t need to spend money on repairing or replacing everything inside your house. If you see the benefits of fixed impact windows as a whole, you will see that these windows are more than worth their price.

The Final Say

Things for Floridians won’t be the same this year. Meteorologists have predicted that hurricane season in 2020 will be far worse than before. Over 4 hurricanes are expected to hit the state between July and November. This means you have to start preparing immediately. Stock necessary supplies, and prepare yourself for the upcoming hurricanes. Defence of your home with the best Fixed Impact windows and even doors.

And if you need any professional assistance, feel free to contact Hurricane Windows & Doors of Florida, Inc. ( 954-588-3340), 1720 NW 22 Court, Pompano Beach Florida 33069. We are available 24*7 to assist you in installing the right hurricane windows and doors in your property.