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Window and door replacement specifications

Please see attached window and doors breakdown
Window Manufacturer($):
Door Manufacturer($)
Total # Ofwindows
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White Aluminium
White Vinyl
Bronze Aluminium
Bronze Vinyl
Clear Anodised Aluminium
Two tonevinyl(Bronze EXT./

Glass type

Laminated impact glass Insulated Laminated impact glass

Glass color

Clear(nottint) Grey Bronze ClearLoE366


Yes No


Yes No
Operable windows and sliding glass doors, ONLY

Swing door hardware color

SATIN/Brushed Nikel Oil -Rubbed Bronze Polished-Brass(not avialable for all doors)
Handle style and color will be diifferent depending on manufacturer, please attached handle confirmation sheet
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description of work

  • Remove old windows and doors
  • Clean and inspect openings
  • Install new window an doors
  • Anchor with approved tap cons
  • Caulk and seal inside and out
  • Clean work area
  • Sweep/vacuum all work areas
  • Haul away old window,doors and debris for proper disposal
  • Petch perimeter stucco and interior dry wall where necessary
  • perimeter caukling on stuccoed areas(we cauk before the stucco)
  • Assist in moving furniture for install and assist in restoring to original locations once opening completed
  • Cover and protect furniture during install
  • Coordinate all inspections as required by agencies having jurisdiction over the work
  • Provide partial release of lien with every invoice, if necessary

INCLUDED Standard Installation,Standard Engneering,Drawings, Permit Processing and Permit Fees

EXCLUDED Floor/title repair,painting,alarm repair,major stucco repair,window sill replacement,curtain removal,additional engineering letters and special inspections if required by City/County.

LEAD TIME Upon contract signing. Lead time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Delays of permit process.manufacturing and HOA approval may extend lead times.Lead time does not include permit approval process.Can be upto 30 days.Manufacturing cannot until permit is approved.

INSTALLATION Approximately 3 to 5 windows per day or I door per day depending on project size.NO OPENING WILL BE LEFT OPEN OVERNIGHT,WHATEVER IS OPENED WILL BE CLOSED.

WARRANTY RESOLUTION Payment cannot be held due to stress cracks.manufacture back ordered materials.or manufactures errors/defects.These are considered warranty issue and will be handled by our service department through the manufactures warranty process.

FINANCINGAll financing documents to be signed at delevery. Lender will not fund until final inspection has passed.Delivery will not occur until financing documents are signed.

PACE PROGRAMS PACE financing projects required a 10% refundable deposit> The deposit will be refunded once PACE finance company has funded hurricane wimdows and doors.


Yes No
NOTE HOApproval take up to 30 days, order CANNOT be replaced withoutwritten approval HOA/ Management company.

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Proposal prices valid for 30 days

50% deposit upon Acceptence:


40% payment due to delivery:


10% Balance on passing of final inspection:

Credit terms arranged for due

(Pending credit application approval)if pending is cancelled, cash terms apply:
50% deposit /40% payment /10% completion

Credit Card (Auth. From Attached)
Cash/Check # From Attached)

(there is any $35 fee for any unpaid/returned check)

The above prices,specifications, terms and conditions are satisfactory and hereby accepted You are authorised to do as specified.Payment will be made as indicated above.Pricing subject to chnge on findings at production measurements.latent material defects are not included in this contract.Materials remaine the sole property of Hurricane Windows and Doors until the job is paid in full.If it becomes necessary for Hurricane Windows an Doors to employ a collection agency and/or attorney to collect on this bill.I undersigned, agree to pay all costs and attorney fees. Any alteration or deviation from agreed plans involving extra costs will be executed only written and signed changed order and will become an additional charge


All work on the above mentioned property herein will be performed in a timely and professional manner. Buyer may cancel this agreement by providing written notice by US certified mail.Return receipt request to hurricane windows. This cancellation must be written in english and postmarked before midnight of the 3rdbusiness days after you sign this agreement.

For the purposes of this agreement,a "Business day" shall include Monday through Saturday but shall not include sunday or any legal holiday on which the postal service does not deliver. If the right to cancel period expires,the contract may not be cancelled by the buyer will be responsible for any costs incurred to enforce this agreement.


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