Tik Tok! The awful times are back again. According to NOAA, over 3 to 10 hurricanes are heading towards the Floridians during this Hurricane season. So, are you set to protect your homes from the impending destruction? Did you think about hurricane impact door installation to protect your property from the impact of fierce weather?

Let us tell you, when 70 MPH winds are common, hurricane impact doors in Florida are your first step towards safety. Want to know why? Read on to know more.

Impact doors can protect your home from devastating storms. However, there are several other reasons to upgrade your ordinary doors to hurricane-grade fixtures.

Hurricane Impact Door Installation

Here are top reasons to install hurricane impact doors in Florida homes when preparing for the annual hurricane season.

8 Solid Reasons for Hurricane Impact Door Installation

Without further ado, let us see why you should consider installing hurricane impact doors in your property.

1. Impact Doors are Storm Ready

When a hurricane or storm strikes, high winds, debris and rain can enter your property. Most of the time, they enter right through your door. Ordinary doors cannot withstand heavy pressure and tend to create spaces in them or even break. As such, the high-pressure wind that enters your home or property can destroy your possessions and threaten the safety of your loved ones or employees.

Since the impact doors are made of thicker material, these can survive hurricane-force winds and its impact. These are designed to resist breakage and protect everything inside your home.

2. These are Kids-Friendly

Hurricane impact door installation is even more beneficial for homes with kids. Since they are less prone to breakage, you don’t have to worry about finding glass all over your floor in the kids’ area. Moreover, if your child accidentally bangs into your impact door, it won’t crack the glass and harm your kid.

3. These are a perfect blend of Beauty and Function

When it comes to building a new home or renovating it, beauty and function are two primary considerations. Similarly, installing or upgrading your home’s existing doors with hurricane impact doors must fulfill both these requirements.

There are different types of Impact Doors that you can go for:

  • French/Swing Doors: If you’re looking for something classic, then French doors are your best bet. These are a perfect synonym for elegance. These allow beautiful sunshine to seep-in to your home. While these enhance the overall look of your home, French Doors also allow the beauty of your yard, pool, and any area you wish to see unobstructed.

  • Sliding Doors: Installing these types of doors make your home open and aired. It is mainly for this reason that property owners in Florida prefer installing sliding doors in their backyards and patio. Further, you can also get these in a variety of sizes, configurations, and styles.

4. Increase the Resale Value of your Property

You might need to sell your home or property in future, for any reason. Well, in that case, installing hurricane impact doors and even windows can add great aesthetic value to your home. Not only these will be a fantastic upgrade to your property but will also increase its resale value. Therefore, it’d be right to say that investing in hurricane impact door installation will have positive effect on the overall curb appeal and value of your property.

5. Protection Against Intruders

As told above, the hurricane impact doors offer protection against stormy winds and rain during hurricanes. These also protect your property from intruders. It is more difficult for intruders and burglar to target a home with hurricane impact door installation.

Considering the protection impact doors offer, these give you peace of mind.Whether it is during the hurricane season or throughout the year, you can live carefree in your space, knowing that your home is completely safe.

6. Save on Energy Bills

Installing the right type of doors and windows can lower your energy bills significantly. Installing hurricane impact doors in Florida homes keep your space cool and ventilated naturally. Hence, you don’t need to use electricity to cool your home investing your hard-earned money on paying energy bill every month.

7. Noise Protection

Stormy winds, heavy rainfall and flying debris, tend to make a lot of noise. But installing hurricane impact doors decrease the amount of noise that comes from outside. With these, you’ll hear little to none of the noise during hurricanes. Even during the regular days, you won’t hear shouting neighbors or children playing in the nearby park, or someone mowing the lawn. Hurricane Impact doors can be beneficial for those who have a door facing a busy road.

8. No Looking Back

Hurricane impact door installation is a big project. And you wouldn’t want to tackle it again in a year or two. However, deciding to go for this installation will actually increase the life of your property for a long time. Further, you wouldn’t need to indulge in expensive renovation during hurricane seasons or an inspection (public inspection of condos is mandatory in Florida). With hurricane impact doors (and windows) installed in your property, you can enjoy its sturdy and long-lasting life.

We’ve Got You Covered!

So, now when nature is all set to show some fury, be prepared! Go for hurricane impact door installation, and protect your property from the imminent destruction.

And if you are looking for a reliable installer of hurricane impact doors in Florida, get in touch with Hurricane Windows & Doors of Florida, Inc., CGC 1528497, 1720 NW 22 Court Unit 7, Pompano Beach, Florida 33079, 954-588-3340. We can work with you right away to give your home the highest level of protection.